On 30th January an historic meeting took place in West Ealing involving over 20 local residents’ and community groups from the Borough, all intent on working towards a more collaborative effort that would benefit the lives of Ealing’s residents and workers.

The result of this collective desire was the formulation of something called ‘Ealing Matters’, a concept that those involved hope can quickly gain traction so as to address the many issues that we all face, irrespective of our own particular areas and Wards.

Here we speak with Eric Leach, who has previously appeared on Exposure Box as a result of his tireless, wholehearted efforts to help the community. Eric chaired the meeting in question and is able to explain a bit more as to what ‘Ealing Matters’ actually is about and what this idea needs to become a reality.

Given that the idea is still in its infancy there is currently no website for it. However, those involved include (but are not limited to) members of the various local Forums (e.g. West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum, Central Acton Neighbourhood Forum, etc.), other neighbourhood group (e.g. Ealing Civic Society), and even members of local online groups (including Facebook groups such as West Ealing Neighbours and Northfields Friends).

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