From Hampton Court to the Hellfire Caves, the UK is famous for its history of spectral sightings and ghoulish apparitions. Those who do believe the paranormal to be more than just fanciful storytelling may in part attribute this to how we as a country still find ourselves surrounded by countless buildings that date back to the Middle Ages.

Though Ealing doesn’t have buildings that are still standing from quite as far back in time as can be found in other places, the Borough can still boast a whole host of buildings that are considerably old in their right. Many of these buildings are nowadays used for both residential and community purposes. Naturally then, with the passage of time and subsequent passing of land from owner to owner, stories of phantom footsteps, ghostly voices and more of the unexplained are sure to arise.

In this video, ‘Our Haunted Ealing’, we look into just 3 of these tales from around the Borough. For more information on these stories and more, sources can be found both online and at local libraries.