Litter Action Group for Ealing Residents (LAGER Can) was founded by Hanwell resident Keith Freegard in 2017. Initially the group operated mainly in Hanwell.

By June 2020 LAGER Can membership had reached 270, with members throughout the Borough. Since then we have organized 80+ group litter clearing events, the first of which took place at the end of June in Warren Farm. This activity prompted more and more people to suggest group events in their own areas, and that in turn helped to raise our membership to the current 805. In addition to organized events there have been countless spontaneous group and individual litter picks. We have picked up many thousands of bags of litter, and tonnes of larger items.

LAGER Can is a diverse group, just like the population of our Borough. Our youngest litter picker has just celebrated her third birthday, and our oldest are in their seventies; they are from all different backgrounds. We are excited to have seen a recent growth in the number of young members, from five local schools, who are volunteering with LAGER Can to earn their Duke of Edinburgh bronze and silver awards.

LAGER Can holds group events all over the Borough, in all open spaces, including the River Brent and the Grand Union Canal. We often partner with other groups, like the Canal and River Trust, Edge, Progressive Paddling (kayaking club), and Ealing Park Rangers to access tricky areas. We work with other litter picking volunteer groups like Cranford Action Group, Heston Acton Group, Green S Welfare, the Good Gym, and we support each other in problem areas. We work with local companies to resolve litter and flytipping issues on their land.

We work closely with Ealing Council Parks, Street Cleansing and Enforcement teams. The Council provides us with all our equipment, prints posters designed by our volunteers and, importantly, arranges for the disposal of the rubbish we collect.

We have developed six ‘hubs’ in different parts of the Borough, so that no one has to go far to collect kit if they want to start litter picking – either on their own or with a group. It’s a good way to meet local like-minded people. We feel we’ve turned litter picking into a social activity – we’re making the place look better and making friends at the same time. 

We’re on Facebook (LAGER Can), Twitter (@CanLager) and Instagram (@lagercanealing). 

Litter picking is a naturally socially-distanced activity in the fresh air. Please join us and find out for yourself how much fun it can be!

Cathy Swift

Administrator, LAGER Can

October 2020


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  • Have just started litter picking and have been walking around the two parks and have really enjoyed the fresh air and keeping my local parks tidy.

  • I would like to join your group on Facebook and in the teal world but can’t quite see where to do either.

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