The Anti-LTN march taking place on Saturday. The plan is to walk as far as either the Lido Centre Traffic lights or even on to the Town Hall – depending on circumstances.


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  • Thank you so much for listening to the residents. It feels like nobody else in the council cares what we think, even though their job is to represent us.

  • David Millican omitted to mention that the Conservative government – his party – has promoted LTNs such that there is an experimental period before the consultation. Not a bad idea, as it gives people a chance to assess the impacts, thereby coming to an informed view.

    • Nic,

      With respect, the ‘consultation’ (such as it is) is over an unprecedented six month period – the period of the post implementation ‘experimental’ use! I don’t know if this is more ‘Goon Show’ than ‘Monty Python’.

      The Council has no plans for public consultation ‘events’ after six months. It will no doubt give us its view on the 100s of emails it will have received on the subject and carry on LTNing. If after six months the majority of residents are a happy with their LTN (eg 21) then no doubt all citizens will calm down and live with it. If more don’t want it than want it there will be consequences if the Council does not remove LTN 21.

  • I live in Swyncombe Avenue ,the traffic is now horrendous day and night we belong to Hounslow council and have had no notification nor consultation ,
    Looking forward to seeing you councillor on Saturday

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