A request to local shops and chemists to act responsibly

Ealing Council have been made aware of a small number of businesses who are taking advantage of the current situation and are increasing the prices for in demand items or making misleading claims about the benefits of some products. 

the government set out clear guidance,

 Competition and Markets Authority ,

 Business Rate Relief Support 

Ealing Council Coronavirus updates

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  • I am disgusted at certain shops in West Ealing, especially damask, where they charged me£ 9. 99 for eggs.
    Eggs that were from battery hens, so small might as well been pigeon eggs.
    The across the road the meat market doubled their prices, an old lady walked out because she could not pay 7 pounds for 2 chickens breasts.
    What are l you ot going to do about it. Its disgusting.
    The shop across the road the beer store on Uxbridge Road was charging 1.99 per toilet cheap rolls, and lots of stoten boots beauty products that don’t belong there,
    They only accept cash and most of is doesn’t go in the till.

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