Here is an ‘aerial’ tour of the many developments that have recently been built or are currently under planning consideration throughout Ealing. It was created by the ‘Red Block Rebels’ in conjunction with Ealing Matters – the pan-Ealing  network of residents’ groups and community groups.


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  • How many new GP surgeries, district general hospitals, supermarkets and specialist shops, etc. etc are in the planning documents or required by CIL agreements? Will these one- or two- bed flats actually be lived in or are they the usual “safe deposit boxes” for owners living in countries with unstable and corrupt regimes? Why is Ealing being sucked into the “McMafia” economy of money-laundering through property?
    Lots of questions…..

  • Good afternoon

    I found your video on the housing situation in the Ealing Borough absolutely astounding but not surprising. The views and feelings of the community have never been high on Ealing Council’s list and even if residents objects to any developments it falls on deaf ears. If your voice is never heard there really is little point in objecting.

    As you say where are all these further developments going to be as we have run out of space and, of course, it will be up meaning more high rise buildings . We can no longer call Ealing and the surrounding areas the beautiful place it once was as it has changed beyond all recognition and continues to do so.

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