The Ealing Broadway Cross-rail/Elizabeth Line Station

will eventually open. What ‘public realm’ and transport arrangements are Ealing Council and Transport for London planning to support this? This short video reveals some of the inadequacies of these plans. Public consultation on these plans is being run by Ealing Council runs until 27 August 2019. See Complete the short, rather’ directed’, survey and /or email your free form comments to the Council’s transport boss Chris Cole at


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  • West Ealing’s *Woolworth’s Building* – in common with the Hanwell Police Station – is a Grade II Listed Building (as is Ealing Town Hall), so could somebody step forward an explain how criminalities like the demolition of one, or all three, can have got past the enforcing-eyes of the City Fathers.

    This is getting a tad too much.

    By whose authority, and Listed Buildings be toppled in this way, when – by the Laws of England – these age-old English Landmarks, without as much as *by your leave*, by those who now have their hands on Ealing Broadway’s tiller; many of whom are *new boys on the block*, and shouldn’t, by all that’s right, have a say in this kind of vandalism and lack of respect for our English Heritage and English Cultural Story ?

    • Can you give a link to the listing record on the HE site? I don’t believe the Woolworths building is listed, which was one of the issues

      • A local resident (and Secretary of the West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum at the time) made a formal request on 11 December 2017 to Ealing Council for the Woolworths façade to be ‘Locally Listed’.

        He has yet to receive a formal reply to this request. There is still no discernible Ealing Council local listing policy or published heritage protection process. Whatever Council staff there were responsible for heritage/conservation are long gone from the Council. He is currently in dialogue about this with the Council’s CEO.

        The Council seems to wallow in a Philistine attitude to culture, heritage and conservation.

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