Headlines this week has been engulfed by a spate of violent attacks that have occurred across our capital. On Thursday alone there were five separate incidents that have resulted in seven stabbings. Moreover, and more shockingly, five of these stabbings coincided over a 90 minute period – all of the victims purportedly being teenagers. One of these stabbings took place within our Borough.

The Ealing attack took place during the early hours of evening as police were called to the scene at approximately 19:05. What’s even more shocking is how central the location in question is – the attack occurred near to the well-known ’Small Work Horse’ sculpture. With an HSBC outlet, Starbucks coffee shop and various independent shops here, it perhaps surprises many residents as to the audacity in which the perpetrator has committed this assault. The 18 year old male victim was repeatedly stabbed though thankfully his injuries are not considered life threatening. London Ambulance Services were able to tend to him at the scene and subsequently move him to a hospital.

The Met’s Commissioner, Cressida Dick, has said that the force has “not lost control” of London’s streets, despite the “ghastly” nature of these recent attacks. There has however been a drastic increase in violent crime in recent years, with the period between September 2016 and September 2017 alone seeing a 21% increase in reported knife crimes. Furthermore, the capital is in the midst of a six year all time high for stabbings, with records released by the Met showing 12,980 of such crimes since the start of the year. Frighteningly, this is 2,452 higher than the recorded number of this time last year.

Perhaps the Met will be able to take control of reducing these numbers, particularly in light of the attacks in question, though it has yet to be put forward how this could be effectively achieved. It’s also a thought that any new initiatives devised to tackle this growing problem may be wholly undermined by the massive £400m budget cut being faced by the Met. The results of which include the decision made by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) in regards to the eventual closures of both Ealing and Southall police stations. To date it does not appear that this decision is due for re-evaluation, though it seems likely that the issue will be prominently discussed in this last month leading up to local Council Elections.

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We are always working on something new so make sure to subscribe to our news updates and be the first to know.