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  • When will Ealing listen to the electorate and Remove the LTNs and then come to residents with survey of what people want. J Bell and the Cabinet belligerent non listening council and total lack of engagement has enraged the residents. We are exasabated by the failure of Cabinet and leadership to LISten to the needs and get support for initiatives. Bell should resign to help residents to re engage a fresh with a new cabinet.

  • My concern is traffic at peak times and throughout the day cars lorries and busses are stationary outside st marks primary school and Sandy park because of the congestion brought on by ltn scheme polluting young vunerable children I rather hope mr bell gets ousted at the up and coming elections as he’s not listening to anyone

  • Sadly this council is not accountable – no ombudsman, no goverment intermediary and laughable so called consultations with their electorate which they then overide if not voted for in their favour. Please note the broken promises made by labour councilors who said they would back scrapping the LTN’s if the majority of residents in their constituencies were against them – guess they changed their minds!

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