Southall Town Hall has stood at the centre of its local community as a venue for the area’s residents to make use of and to represent their interests dating back to the 1840’s when the original building was handed over to the local authority so as to fulfil this very purpose.

As of September 2017 however Ealing Council have decided to create a 250 year lease on the building for it to then be handed over to a private company and subsequently taken from the aforementioned community who have, in many cases, had the same degree of access to it over multiple generations.

The building’s legacy is heavily entwined in standing up to fascism in the struggle that ensued in 1979 between National Front members, who wanted to make use of the building, and numerous members of the community who stood against them doing so. What resulted on this day were hundreds of arrests and the tragic loss of life of the well-known activist Blair Peach. This incident is often cited as a source of inspiration for the growing anti-racist movement at the time, something that those in the community who can remember the incident are very proud of.

The Save Southall Town Hall campaign continue to demonstrate against the Council’s current plans, and your involvement in this can be as easy as signing their petition at . Further information on this subject can be found at .

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