Ealing Law Centre (ELC)

The centre is the major source in Ealing of free legal advice for housing, immigration and welfare benefits issues. In this short interview Vicky Fewks, the Supervising Solicitor at ELC discusses the services on offer, the challenges being faced by clients and ELC’s plans for the future.

Ealing Law Centre

210 Northfield Avenue, Ealing W13 9SJ

Email: inof@ealinglaw.org.uk

Tel: 020 8579 4598

Fax: 020 8840 0555


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  • Well done Eric and Exposure Box,
    Cheering that there is a bit of Heaven in Northfield Ave.
    Well done all.

  • There is also the West London Equality Centre and Ealing Advice Service offering help to vulnerable, and disengaged people.

  • With its thoughtful treatment of local issues Exposure Box is a brilliant initiative at a time when a meaningful press has disappeared and social media are often dominated by rumour, unsubstantiated stories and subjective opinion.
    Vicky Fewkes and her colleagues at Ealing Law Centre are making a wonderful contribution to keeping access to their rights open to the weakest members of society – a hell of a challenge at a time when the rule of law has been under sustained assault from the highest levels. With a fall of over 40% in its budget, the Ministry of Justice has suffered the biggest cuts of any government department and Legal Aid, introduced in 1949 to help society’s most vulnerable, has been hit hardest of all.

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