Ealing can lay claim and proudly boast being the place of origin to a rather impressive list of successful acts – musicians in particular. One of the most highly acclaimed groups to be a part of this are the Grammy Award winning Jamiroquai, who formed in the early nineties and have gone on to sell an astonishing 35 million albums worldwide.

Their initial sound has been described as a combination of acid jazz, soul and funk, though as with all long-standing, commercially successful bands they have effectively been able to reinvent themselves over the years – delving into elements of pop, rock, disco and electronica.

It’s common that acts this big are built upon personalities to match, and the case is no different here in regards to the band’s singer, Jay Kay. Though most of his childhood was spent between Suffolk and Devon, Jay also spent a part of his youth living in Ealing – on Grange Road in W5 to be exact! Moreover, Jay and the band would go on to play some of their very first gigs here, including at a venue called Broadway Boulevard which is nowadays Club Karma.

This following documentary has in no way been produced by Exposure Box TV though in the spirit of celebrating Ealing’s rich history we are proud to share this with you all the same. Witness as Jay, now living in Buckinghamshire, returns to Ealing in 2002 to revisit Broadway Boulevard and even revisit many familiar sites such as Haven Green.

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