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This inconvenience can prove frustrating and often stressful, especially for those with a genuine need to park close to their homes.

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  • You highlight yet again the very poor engagement between the Council and the community about proposals that will obviously impact on many lives. A bit more detail though, exactly what the plans are that residents are unhappy about would help illustrate their concerns and drive home the points they are making. ie what exactly is the CPZ going to do?

  • It will make a challenging parking status quo into an instant blood bath with residents fighting for space against other residents. 200 + yards of new double yellow lines along with 50+ ‘shared ‘parking bays that anyone can purchase daily. Over 200 resident owned vehicles cannot and will not disappear over night. We are of course waiting for the video made by those who want this CPZ. It’s been a long time coming, but to be fair we do have another major issue just down the road where residents are dying of Covid-19 at Ealing Hospital.

    • Disappointed that no mention was made of the difficulties experienced by refuse collectors due to the out of control parking. A CPZ is exactly what Old Hanwell needs.

      • Of course you might be right Robin. What many local residents seem to be saying though is why doesn’t Ealing Council work with local residents to form a consensus on how and over what sensible timescale an orderly car parking scheme might be introduced. I accept that refuse/recycling collections is an issue – but it’s clearly not the only or even the primary issue.

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