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  • Labour London council leader Julian Bell admitted there has been a plot to exploit COVID-19 in order to implement the unpopular LTN scheme, while most of us know full well that this Government is practising Herd Immunity, allowing travellers to enter the UK without checks or quarantine.

    We have a Government that is not democratic, and this Labour Ealing Council is exactly the same.

    Ealing Council has created all the traffic problems in Ealing due to incompetent planning. The traffic control measures implemented are money-oriented for self gain, without consultation of residents. Yet, they have the audacity to blame the residents for the traffic problems they have created.

    Where does all the money being collected in unfair schemes go? This council is using private companies to implement these road blocks, traps and parking fines. I have not seen any improvements to the actual repair and maintenance of our roads or transport in Ealing. What I have seen is the changing of road layouts that have been working for years without problem, just to collect more money and destroy local business.

    We all pay Council Tax and wish to be served and treated equally, and also to pay for local services for the benefit of the community. Yet this Ealing Council is playing one against each other to implement this Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme.

    We all have family and want to protect them and the neighbourhood, but this not the way to achieve it, through badly thought out and very discriminating ideas.

    We must realise that we live in an overcrowded city and must find fair ways to solve the problems together; not by playing one part of the community against the other, which this council is doing. They are creating a situation where they give certain people, who are only looking after their own interests by agreeing to this low traffic neighbourhood, to have public roads in their areas blocked, allowing the problem of excess traffic to be shifted elsewhere.

    Residents must also remember that all residential roads and main roads are service roads in Ealing for the local community, to get from A to B, visit family & friends, shops & local services, and was made and designed for this purpose.

    Ealing, to be fair and honest, has many green areas for people to relax, play and exercise. We must remember that this is a city, and there is a limit to what can be provided.

    Cycle lanes have been provided for people who want to travel this way. But now, because of LTN and very selfish people who have agreed to this, the council is pushing more traffic onto our main roads that have not been maintained for years, with badly regulated service repair works that have been going on and on.

    Please do the right thing for all of us, without self interest. This is the only way forward for living in a city like London.

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