If Heathrow expands there will be considerable impacts on Ealing residents in terms of noise pollution, air pollution and traffic congestion. Local activist Nic Ferriday reviews where we are with regard to the expansion proposals, consultation, climate change targets and likely implementation timescales.

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  • Until recently I was resigned to another expansion at Heathrow, in the belief that it was somehow necessary for the local and national economy. I also thought that the engine builders, the airframe makers and their customers would at last be forced to address the engineering challenge of the grotesque noise of modern airliners. Then I discovered that nearly three quarters of all passenger traffic is not even for commercial or business purposes at all, but for personal reasons (holiday, private visits, etc)! So I have completely changed my mind and I am now vehemently opposed to the growth of Heathrow. Air travel should be made vastly more expensive, reflecting its crippling costs to the environment, and the traffic planners should set about developing the regional hub airports away from all urban areas.

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