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  • Julian Bell and his team assume that everyone driving a car could walk or ride a bike instead. This is not true if you are disabled or elderly. These plans are not thought through. In my area of Australia Roads, West Ealing W13 are all forced to enter and exit our area via Uxbridge Rd instead of using Leighton Rd. This means trying to cross heavy traffic to do 2 right hand turns to use Northfield Ave for example adding at least 10 mins to get to Leighton Rd and causing more pollution. We feel locked in our area. Ealing is not a pleasant place to live anymore after 40yrs. I’ve written twice, lengthy emails to those involved in this scheme and not one of them has been courteous enough to reply. Say no more. They don’t care about us residents.

  • The bollards aren’t not working in some areas as regards outside The Grosvenor pub Grosvenor Road . They are driving big lorries on the footpath outside our house it’s so dangerous what’s happening with deliveries . Another problem everyone is parking in the wrong places never able to find anywhere to park since they went up . Your saying cycle or walk to work how would you like to cycle or walk 25 miles there and back everyday and when u get home no parking space on any road because no one wants to drive the long way around to park.
    Could you please tell me where their are no bollard in the middle of the road just the boxes can u drive through it to park on that road if u live and are paying a permit in that area

  • I agree with David’s comments on conflict of interest. How can this be allowed to happen? Julian Bell has a lot of questions to answer on the appointment of the consultants and the LTN’s generally.

  • And u can hear the unrelentles construction noise in the area throughout his talking.
    Can u imagine how higher the noise levels are in the area without LTN?!
    There would have been trucks and cars zooming past Mr Milligan every second.
    And yes ! other (main) roads will be busier, that’s exactly the point of LTN.
    Most of us drive cars and there is an impact of that on everything.

  • I now think it is a form of gerrymandering by the Labour Movement.
    If you were stood on the outside looking in, you’d see it’s not just Bell and his LTN’s & Cycle Lanes, but also his forcing endless High Rise Tower Blocks with no parking facilities upon the Borough. They will only be purchased/rented by the non-driving types.
    The way the car owning middle classes of Northfields and Hanwell etc are having their lives made a misery is easy to see.
    The delays to bus journeys (it can take 45 minutes for an E8 to get from Ealing Bdy/Town Hall to Boston Manor Road in Brentford, that was once 15 Minutes), the fumes from the Gridlocked traffic on the main roads are clearly a price worth paying for for trying to drive the car owning better off out of Ealing, even to the extent of forcing them to clog Hounslow Borough Roads.
    There is something deeply wrong with the London area Labour Movement under Khan, but Bell in Ealing is clearly an Authority to himself, nobody is allowed to be above him.
    The way his Labour Councillors describe and talk of opponents on social media is nothing short of vile.

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