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  • Since the LTNs have been implemented around Ealing the main road that I live on is continuously congested. The LTNs have caused long traffic queues due to LTNs being placed on the side roads off Popes, allowing traffic to only drive down when entering from South Ealing Road. Julian Bell has completely buggered up Ealing and if anything, it has caused more main roads to be congested and residents living on these roads to be breathing in more pollution than ever before. Also the amount of road works that Ealing Council have allowed to go ahead on South Ealing Road and surrounding areas has also put extra travelling times to get to our destination, causing even more build up of traffic as the cars can not via off anywhere. This is a hindrance, not practical at all. Get rid of these stupid And unnecessary LTNs.

  • Thank you for speaking out. We can’t let go.
    This is unacceptable, unjust and infuriating.
    I love my bike but LTN don’t represent me, they harm the most vulnerable. Stop Now!!
    The pollution has grown together with fear to leave thee house in the dark, what an insult to local people.

  • And now Hounslow Council are going to block access to Swyncombe Avenue if coming from Boston Manor Road. Giving all residents stuckked between the later and South Ealing Road, the only choice and “privilege/opportunity” to access Northfield Avenue and neighbouring roads from either the Great West Road and/or Uxbridge Road, and that’s it !!! So we now have to drive miles to access our close vicinity, causing far more pollution and traffic in the said neighborhood not to mention massive waste/loss of time ! Areas, streets that used to take about 10/20 minutes to get to, now take up to an hour… That’s progress and well being for local people ! I live near Elthorne Park so am “well” (!!!) affected by this moronic, ludicrous and backward LTN…

    • I live near you, and to access Sainsburys for our weekly shop now takes a three or four mile detour, depending on which traffic jam I wish to join. The residents whose house I sit by in a jam, would not welcome my presence. Picking up grandchildren to and from school and after school activities, has become a total nightmare.

      I can’t get onto Northfields without going via Swyncombe, which is soon to be closed. We have decided to frequent the restaurants in Brentford, far easier.

      No traffic at all in my road, but as soon as I leave the LTN, it’s a jam, as every driver, including residents, has to go around the long way. And I am a cyclist, but they are thin on the ground in my road.

  • I’ve cut my driving by 80% since the LTNs, cycling everywhere now. Yes it takes longer to get there when I do drive, but we all need to wake up and stop driving everywhere at some point. Electric vehicles will remove the local pollution argument within the next 5-10 years, so let’s change our energy to focus on bringing that in sooner, investing more in public transport and building local services for our communities so we don’t have to drive as much day to day.

    • That’s good for you.

      I have to pick up grandkids to get to schol, who do not live near me. And also get them to after school activities like cubs, brownies and swimming. I have added many miles to my driving because of LTNs. And so also pollution.

      The old people and disabled in my area do not want to ride bicucles, particularly in the rain, or in winter. They are useless for getting young children around.

      • Mozzy, I agree some people “have” to use a car, but there are so may who “could” walk/cycle simply do not. If they did like the “anon” chap and walked/cycled then the roads would be clearer for you. I think elderly/disabled/etc should get exceptions anyway

        I have seen Ealing Fields secondary kids being dropped off which is ridiculous considering their catchment is so small and they are teenagers and can walk!

        That said ltn21 is a failure for many reasons, too big, people wont cycle etc.

  • The most common cause of collisions on London roads is poor vision at junctions, meaning this is down to road planning to put right. Speed is very low on the list.
    LTNs just extend a journey meaning air pollution is affected. Local councils are trying to lay blame for poor road planning.

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