Renowned and revered playwright Peter Whelan, a man who called Ealing his home for over a half-century, has his play ‘Sleepers in the Field’ shown posthumously at The Questors for what will be its world premiere. In his career, Peter wrote seven plays for the Royal Shakespeare Company, and he is best known for ‘The Herbal Bed’, ‘The Accrington Pals’ and ‘The School of Night’. The premiere for ‘The Herbal Bed’, staged in 1996, featured a young David Tennant.

To gain some insight into Peter as a person and what to expect from ‘Sleepers in the Field’, we were able to speak with his wife, Ffrangcon Price, and the director of this production, the accomplished John Davey.

This world premiere will be taking place at The Questors Theatre in the New Broadway and will be running from 26th January until 3rd February. For more information on the play and how to acquire tickets for the production head to their website (

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