Alan Dillon leaseholder of Spencer’s Cafe, in Walpole Park, has been running the business for ten years with his partner Sarah Lennon, the lease was granted to them by Ealing Council.

After Pitzhanger Manor Trustees took over the cafe, Alan and his partner Sarah were rejected application for tender In October 2017.

Watch the interview with Alan Dillon for full story!



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  • Shame on Pitzhanger Manor Trustees and Ealing Council on their treatment of Alan This man has
    worked hard to build up his business, Hope it works out well for Alan.

  • Terrible news.
    I’ve just been reading the Neighbours’ Paper – the local free-sheet for Ealing, who have highlighted the high-handed manner in which this council acts, with no regard to heritage or local concerns.
    For instance, where’s Ealing’s Cinema?