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This ‘Southall Centre is Changing’ video features local activist/campaigner Oliver New who has lived in Southall for over 40 years. He points out that the level of demolition, residential development and depletion of community services has reached extreme levels. Tragically, local housing needs are not being and will not be met with the hundreds of luxury flats being built in numerous high rise tower blocks. 3,750 new homes are planned on the poisonous Gas Works site. Local residents are suffering illnesses related to the contaminated soil and are understandably up in arms about this.

Eric Leach


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  • This blog talks about illness through land contamination, disruption, what proof is there? Given landfill will be disturbed on Gurnell Leisure Centre redevelopment this must surely be worthwhile raising with that local community. Presumably if illnesses contradict the ground surveys then there is a case for legal action for liability?

    • The soil at the Southall gas works site was ‘cleaned’ on site. The local residents are convinced that the smell, streaming eyes, breathing problems etc are as a result of the cleaning process being inadequate.,

    • What is true is that many residents living close to the gas works site in Southall and Hayes have complained about smells, eyes watering and breathing problems. Some 100 of them confronted Councillors Bell and Mason along with the developers Berkeley at a recent very noisy public meeting in Southall. A Southall barrister is mounting a legal challenge.

  • Cant wait for the development. I think it looks great and huge improvement and will bring in new money. Not sure what all the fuss is about but any legal challenge better get it facts right otherwise it will be trampled by the developers lawyers.

    • Jim,

      Good for you. And of course you might be right.

      Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

      An improvement for whom exactly? Not younger Southall residents who won’t be able to afford to buy or rent most of the new flats.

      Let’ see how the legal action progresses.

      Stay in touch.

      Do you live in Southall?

  • The new tenants will come from central London as it will be cheaper so nothing for the Southall families. My uncle been waiting to hear what’s happening to his flat which is to be demolished but they can’t offer him anything for his disabled needs. Not even a wheelchair?.. let alone a house. All new buildings in my home town now, have to include infrastructure or it doesn’t get allowed until they change their plan. Perhaps Southall should do the same

  • I live in Southall and used to work here, until the noxious fumes from the old gasworks, drove me out of my job. Regeneration is costing residents their health and lives. Yes, people are dying at home in bedrooms filled with a pungent tar/petrol odour. Clean Air for Southall and Hayes (CASH) are happy to be interviewed by Exposure Box TV and share their experiences of the negative health impacts caused by toxic air pollution from the gasworks, which is being redeveloped by Berkeley Group.

    • Exposurebox has a schedule of a range of locations where we will expose what is changing. We filmed at North Acton this morning where an unbelievable housing density is planned and being implemented. Healthcare services in Ealing are changing and we’ll feature that soon.

      However we will revisit the Southall gas works site and we will contact CASH.

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