Having finally seen his tenancy at the Walpole Park kiosk come to an end, Spencer’s Cafe owner Alan Dillon has been forced to move on from his long-standing business. Despite having served the local community in the surrounding area for the previous decade, creating a beloved social hub around his cafe in the process, Alan was unable to successfully fend off competition in the Pitzhanger Manor Trust’s tendering process.

However, neither Alan nor many of his passionate supporters have been willing to accept this decision without doing some background reading and digging. This curious, often bordering on suspicious, attitude has seemingly been solidified by various emails and pieces found over social media that just don’t seem to add up. Moreover, much of this seems to be at odds with information the Trust has shared in regards to the tendering process.
Alongside Rosalind Adler, who has acted as Alan’s unofficial spokesperson and campaign manager, we discuss many of these pertinent points in light of what for many has already felt like an injustice for the man at the centre of all of this. We touch upon how Alan feels his business has been treated by the Trust, the aforesaid tendering process, and the decision to pursue legal action.
For more information on this legal action and how you can help, please check out the following link – .


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  • Hope You Get The Cafe Back Alan The Amount Of Time And Hard Work You’ve Put In Over The Last 10 Years This Is Absolutely A Disgraceful Decision They Have Made 😡

  • The important link in this story is HSBC – Sherard Cowper-Coles is a big shot in HSBC, Social Pantry is indebted to the hilt to HSBC, who have a fixed and floating charge over all assets of the business – therefore, as far as HSBC is concerned, it is essential for the business to prosper. I have written about this in my blog

  • There is something rotten and unfair at the heart of Ealing Council, you only have to look at the Ealing Cinema debacle to see it happening.

    • Yes I agree jim. Their total disregard for local residents and their opinions about what they want and what Is best for the community is ignored. They have forgotten they are in power to service the community. The way they have treated me has been both appalling and contemptible for daring to ask some basic questions about the transparency of the tender process. They still refuse to provide any answers.