Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) are about preventing vehicles for entering and exiting some neighbourhood roads. LTN advocates claim they will prevent ‘rat-running’ and reduce vehicle activity and make neighbourhood roads safer and more pleasant for cyclists and pedestrians. 10 LTNs are being installed in Ealing during August, September and October 2020. LTN 21 is to be created in parts of Hanwell, West Ealing, Northfields and Hounslow on 24 August 2020. Running north/south through the heart of the LTN is the Coldershaw/Midhurst Roads traverse. This video examines the nature and likely Impact of this LTN with its 11 road blocks – heard from the mouths of three residents living in different parts of the neighbourhood.

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  • Great video. We would be similarly affected. It’s so heartbreaking. I just can’t these unnecessary hardships. Please, West Ealing neighbours we have to fight this up.

  • I’m 100% for LTN21. Our road has endured years of misery from rat running – through traffic which should be on the main roads. That includes the selfish contributors you spoke to – entitled drivers who want to drive wherever and whenever they like – regardless of whether it dumps pollution in other people’s streets or compromises the safety of kids walking or cycling to school. We’re in the middle of a climate crisis and panic – perhaps a good time to re-evaluate how we treat the planet and each other. A very biased report Eric.

  • Mark – good to get your feedback. We all have bias – you included. For balance exposurebox invited an LTN supporter to front a video. Nic Ferriday did this. Sadly , like you, he didn’t talk about the specifics of LTN 21. Don’t assume that all car drivers aren’t environmentally responsible. Most of us are pedestrians and some of us are cyclists (but not me with my arthritis). I’ve lived in LTN 21 for 8 years and driven through the neighbourhood regularly for over 30 years. Rat running where? Exactly where do you live? I live in Manton Avenue and there’s a bit of it here (and a bit more since 26 August 2020) – but it’s not a major problem.

  • This is total waist of out tax money. Doesn’t make sense and makes travelling extremely difficult. People can’t walk or cycle only as some of us have jobs to go to.
    This plan will be crucial of emergency departments to visit patients. Also it will have huge impact on all delivery drivers. We already had patient last week who needed ambulance the paramedics were not able to visit. What if we have to face another lock down? Are we going to let our people die because of ‘low emission’
    All aspects have to be considered before coming with this drastic changes.

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