The imminent implementation of a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) just south of the Uxbridge Road through West Ealing purportedly affords a number of very real benefits to local residents, businesses and visitors alike. Are there however any potential downsides to this?
Here we talk with Arthur Breens, a man with a seemingly inexhaustible passion for the Borough, as shown by his work with countless local community groups over the years, who believes that this particular CPZ could be set to do more harm than good. Having conducted a fair amount of research into the matter, including contacting local councillors themselves, he also believes that the relevant consultation conducted by the Council has been lacking.

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  • It’s refreshing to see action being taken by you guys. I really appreciated watching such a professionally executed interview as well.
    I’ve heard similar stories about non-consultation of local businesses before, and denial of the same.
    The referenda being held on May 3rd being conveniently held on the same day as Local election, is another way of enshrining in Law policies that most residents probably wouldn’t want.,
    Mark Windows, you tube videos -Windows On the world- speaks extensively on these subjects,and their association with Agenda 21. But like you say, there are people from other boroughs who have managed to defeat such policies.